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Monday, September 6, 2010


I bet there won't be many readers left here. haha. (but still, thanks for lingering around. do click on my nuffnang ads yeah.)
Anyway, i'm here to post.
Sorry no pictures, no long posts.
Just a smiple post.

M.I.A till 3rd November 2010.

I'll update my blog as soon as my O level papers are over.

But don't worry,
I'll still be updating little pieces of my life regularly at Twitter
Do follow me @YutingBieber for my updates yeah. ;)

Meanwhile, take care and good luck to you (whoever who is reading this post) in everything you do.
With love,

P/s: (Told you it's a really short post. Ha.)

Ciao. x

(Edited post on 22nd September 2010)

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