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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wow. Been so long since I last updated this site.
Well, regarding the previous post... I'm over it. (I guess?) Lol maybe that's the reason why I bumped into them more often afterwards. But sad to say, I always look away and if I find another way to walk and not walk past them, I would walk away without hesitation...That's bad. Hahaha whatever it is.
EYE CANDIESSS. lol so many eye candies in my life. Eye candies and crushes is totally different ok! Don't mix that up. ;)

I'm supposed to study but instead, I'm blogging. (Lol what is thisss.)
So many understanding tests coming up. It's been crazy. I've got so many things to balance at one time. School, studies, Sports IG. Oh, did I mention I'm in Life-saving in RP? Certified lifesaver alright! But don't ask me to save your life, lol. (Unless you're worth it. :p)

Okay this is really random. I shall go get my Ben&Jerry's Strawberry cheesecake and finish the pint. Then do some revision! (Hopefully hahahaha) sigh when will my G.P.A be above 3.5 at this rate I'm going. ;(

Aights got to go! *zoom zoom*

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