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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just a lil too not over you.

Me and aki (amanda).
I look so constipated! Gosh.

Back from yewtee.
Studied a little (Heh. :S) Talked alot.. :x
Shall skip the whole thing (Cause i guess it would be boring for you guys!)
Overall, i really enjoyed having sweet's company. :)

Till next week with sweetheart again! (:
Me with my new phone's camera! Heh.
There's a lil blue effect because i haven't tear off the sticker of the phone! Heehee.

P/s: Prelims round the corner! (I'm not ready for it yet!!!!!!!!! T^T)
P/s/s: Going msia tmr for 'jia tor' . 'Da ri zi' at daddy's 'miao' . Ah hahahhahahs.
P/s/s/s: Sweet intro-ed me this song when i _____. Nice song. Meaningful.. LISTEN!!

Guess the hurt you gave me was really too deep.
I'm not fully recovered from it yet.
I still miss you though. ): (Somehow, a little) :(

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