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Sunday, July 12, 2009


From my title, you guys should i know why i'm so happy!! HAHAHA!
YAY. New phone for me.

This time round, daddy bought it for me! mommy paid too! Heehee.
I tell ya. I'm so happy.
Suddenly, i felt that daddy was so heart-warming and nice! I was so touched!

Yesterday, i was about to go study with aki. (but end up failed. :x), on my way to meet her, my phone (w910i) suddenly, was unable to use! The navigations and the buttons were unable to type in! SAD Y'KNOW. Cause mommy said i must use for 2 years! ): (But i never even drop my phone *which i did in the past* :x . I mean, that point of time, i didn't drop or whatsoever, it just, can't be used! GET IT??? )):) THEN. Mommy was hot and cold. Hais, don't know her ah! *SKIP SKIP SKIP*
Mommy today sort of 'complained' to my dad that i always drop my phone and now, it's officially spoiled, asked my dad to teach me how to do up an "AGREEMENT LETTER FOR NOT DROPPING OR SPOILING MY NEW PHONE" I was like, wtf??? ACCIDENTS DO HAPPEN RIGHT? I CAN'T PROMISE THIS KINDA THINGS ONE WHAT. BUT I CAN *TRY TO* PREVENT IT FROM HAPPENING CAN LER LAH!
Then, i was so depressed. (No phone to use i can die.) :S
Blah blah blah.
Ite, daddy passed a few hundred dollars to mommy and said, "I'LL BUY THE PHONE FOR AH GIRL/AH TING (THAT'S ME)"
My mommy was shocked. I WAS TOUCHED! Daddy was so nice all the while! Just that he didn't had the time to spend with us that's all.. From te very last time. I already believed that my daddy was WAY~ open-minded and COOL than my mommy. Mommy had her good points too lah. But i think daddy better. :x (NO BIASNESS HERE AH!!)
Heehee. So, went to Lot 1 to get my new phone from the Singtel exlusive, as well,
Just came back not long ago from yew tee.
Wanted to study but FAILED AGAIN!! *Shucks, i hate myself. seriously.*

Oh yah! Not to forget one thing!
AKI A.K.A Amanda bought me happy meals and got toys of ICE AGE 3 : DAWN OF THE DINOSAURS TOYS! THANKS SWEETHEART! LUVCHU. :D *I've got RUDY and DIEGO! HEEHEE!*

That's all for now. Ciao ciao ciao. lol.

P/s: LOL. QUITE COLOURFUL POST FOR TDY HOR? *Cause im in good mood. Woohoo.*

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