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Friday, January 1, 2010



First post of 2010!
I guessed many of you celebrated happily.
Becuz i did as well! :]
Yesterday to tired to post!
Becuz i reached home @ 3am. omgz.
Took the last train home.

Okay. let me post about yesterday.
Spent my last few hours of 2009 and first few hours of 2010 with mediacorp,
Some people from Elvinology,
My friends, theodora, geraldine, simin, janice, david and isaac.
Met friends @ 3pm plus. i was late. lol.
Geraldine was laterrrr. hahaha.
Took the train to Harbourfront w/ theo, dine, david.
(Was chatting all the way and overshot! had to take back outram park to take purple line. lol.)
Nice rightz. i took thiz! :]

Reached harbourfront, slacked around (went candy empire, david bought jelly beans) , didn't watch for the time!
Isaac joined us!
When we reached superdog, i thn realised it was 4.50pm alr! (Meeting Meiling and friends @ 5pm!! omg omg.)
So texted her, ate Superdog meal.
LOL, Thn i realised she was @ superdog too. :]
Okay, didn't want to blog this, but, muz well blog about it!
First time eating superdog and it left a bad impression on me! :(

(Oh my, raining cats and dogs out of a sudden. lol. random)

okay let me continue.
You know why it left me a bad impression?
I ordered for Grilled fish burger and they gave me Beefy onions!!
For religious reasons, i cannot eat beef lahhhhhh.
And i feel disgusted to eat beef also alright!
It sounds totally different lah!!
I bite one mouth, and looked at the meat.
I immediately spit it out!
Becuz i felt wrong and weird, and seriously, disgusted! -_-
Seriously furious, walked to the counter and complained lah. -_-
Damn it. 16 in my life, i nvr eat beef before lah. :(

Okay whatever, forget about it. Im never going superdog! Their iced tea was the only drink that satisfied me. -_-

When level 3, waited queued up with Meiling and friends. [:
Camwhored out of boredom. lol.
Oh yah! Simin and janice came. [:
Tickets! :D Thank you Meiling! (L)

Theodora, Geraldine, Yuting (L)

Theodora!! hahahaha. 2nd picture, she said, "Eh, don't take my photo when im combing my hair. LIKE AH LIAN."-_- LOL. (Inside joke)

Nice shot! Advertising her blackberry ah. lol.
Theo,"Eh, seeto. don't keep help us take photo lah. come i help you take"
LOL. -_-
Random shots on top. :D
Superdog iced tea nice. But i h8 the one @ vivocity. >:(
This shot is candid. Looks as if they're like a couple quarreling hor? ._.
David (On right),"Don't angry lah. comeeee, sayang"
Isaac (On left)," Don't care you uh! Humph! *Sobs*"

Candid shot of David. :D

HEY GIRLS, LOOK HERE! and the result on top. lol.

(Lazy to post others. 200 over shots i guess. go fb see some others. ;])
Crapped a lot during queuing up. Farhan said he saw me, but i didn't see him!! :/

Finally, @ 8plus 9pm, we were able to go in already.
We've got the best view in the house alright! cuz fans no seats. But we stand right in front of the stage! (Closer to the performers! :D)
NICE VIEW WE'VE GT RIGHTZ!? :D Right in front.
AIYAH! Theodora made fun. lol. TRY AGAIN!

Had some guys on stage teaching us how to dance sorry sorry. -_- lol.
I didn't join. My hands were full of boards.

I waved so hard when Elvin was @ side stage waiting for his turn to go up to stage.
And he waved back! (AWWWWWW. (L) HIM TTM! HEHE.)
So sweet. He gave cute smiles, waved us, thanked us. Luvvvvvvv.

Lazy to elaborate about the performances.
But overall, the party was AWESOME. ;]
It was even more AWESOME-er with ELVIN NG around! LUV LUVVVV!

Ended around 1am plus.
Got lost with geraldine till 2am plus.
Took last train home @ 2am plus.
Reached home @ 3am plus. LOL!

Conclusion very short and sweet yeah? hahahah.

Lazy to post pictures, most of them @ FB! :D
Do look out for the pictures in fb! Hahahaha.


Bon voyage!
He went Msia KL already. /:
Back on sunday! hehehe. :]

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