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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hey, hey, hey there. hey, hey there! HAHAHHAHAHAHAH!

Omg, i think i'm so addicted to Annoying Orange. lol.
The first one was classic. i like that. my favourite!

Thank me if you find it funny!! HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!

Oh yeah. It's been so long since i have posted.
I'm lazy. :)
Alright, now i'm trying to watch the last of Hi, my sweetheart.
But it's so hard to watch it when someone's being noisy.

Oh, the day before,
Work work work. tired actually.
But on friday night,
went to watch Percy Jackson and the lightning thief.
Nice eh.
But i still wanna watch Valentine's day!!
Taylor Lautner.. :)
Watched the movie @ 9pm with Fion and Yuheng.

Oh yesterday.
Yesterday night went to Southaven 2 condominium and had miss soh's chinese class bbq.
Around 20 people attended, including me.
At first i thought it would be a boring one.
But it wasn't afterall. :)
Gambled, ate, jokes, laughters. Hahaha. :)
Didn't eat much but i didn't felt hungry!! :)
BBQ ended around 12am.
as the lights went off at ard 11am. so no point staying longer. haha.
Mommy came to fetch me on godmother's mazda. sports car eh. shiok.
Luv my godparents still, even though we don't contact much.

Next saturday outing again!
Out with Elves. :)
Going ECP for cycling and fish-spa. hahahahah.
Will confirm with them asap, but most prolly going der lah.
(Maybe going to blow up elvin's boards leh!! excited!!) HAHAHAHHAHAH!

I can go anywhere i want alr.
Until midnight also can alr.
hahahah, so i'm counted freedom already.
I've always wanted freedom since i was in sec 2.
Nothing much afterall.
As i grow older, after gaining parent's trust,
i can go out anytime, as long as i'm mature enough to know my limits. and they know that. ;)

Alright, shall post again next time. with pictures alright? ;)
Yuting with loves. :)

P/s: Decided to unlock my blog again as i have nothing much to hide.
Read all you want. I don't care.
I just don't know why i hate that kinda feeling when you don't know when's the right time to say things and when isn't. get it? be more mature.
I didn't write names, so shut up.
(Joke, not)

Whatever, i know i'm gonna get your crappy comments straight after you read this.
But i respected your privacy, why didn't you respect mine?
Please think before you speak.
I know you won't get it. Wait till you're older, you'll know...

Anyway, Readers, do tag my board whenever you visit! My blog's like so dead. lol.
Also! Click on my ads kay! hahahahaha. thankssssss. (L)


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