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Friday, February 26, 2010

It's been quite some time.

Heyyyyyyy! My loyal readers still there? do tag my board! haha. :)
Busy with work, busy busy busy.
Heard a lot from Grace..
There'll be a 'shocking news' to be announced tomorrow for those who are working..
I'm very baffled too.
Should i be happy or be sad?
Finexis really taught me a lot, i've learnt a lot from Finexis.
Tiring and stressful job.
But fast cash and sometimes happy working.
Pros and cons.
Anyway, this is only a temp job.
I'm still a student, i still have to continue my studies. (AND I WANT TO)
Becuz, studying is really better than working!
Working can also be good in a sense that i learnt from experiences.

Today, work was okay.
Nowadays i always hit my appointments, good for me already..
Anyway, had Astons @ Suntec for lunch! Camwhored a little with my girls! :D
2 group photo shots! :) Thanks WeiHao! (Ezann's bf!)
Left to right: Grace, Yuting, Fion, Ezann !
(yuck, my shit tight, dizguztingz! :()
J keep asking me to work tomorrow. (Supposingly we don't work on weekends, but the appointments this month was too little, therefore extra work is needed to top up the appointments owed) but i think that was only part of the reason..
Tomorrow, tomorrow my colleagues will know..

I'm not working tomorrow becuz i've promised to go out with the girls! Audrey, kelly, ruibing and also venesa. Wonder if venesa can make it tmr becuz she's not really feeling well a few days ago, hopes she's alright by now! I really hope she could join us!
Going to ECP! Cycling! :D :D
Sounds boring but i'm sure it'll be a fun outing with the girls!
Meeting Audrey @ woodlands mrt platform @ 9.15am!
Meeting the others @ Bugis mrt station @ 10am! :)
Latecomer will have to treat dimsum for breakfast!!
I don't wanna be late! HAHAHAH.

Then, @ night, going for god's dinner. I don't know how to explain that in english. I have bad english. so sorry. LOL.

I realized my Saturdays are always so happening!! LOVE IT! :D

Oh! Coming monday, Jenny is gonna hold a bbq party @ downtown!
Wonder if i'll be attending.. i've got workkkkk. lol.
Hope i'll be able to make it! may be meeting binz and eric chua! :)
Okay, think i'll stop here. nothing much to post already. So boring rightz!?!??!? LOL, i know.

Congrats me people.
I've let go of my past already.
Finally willing to delete everything related to him,
throw away every stuff related to him during spring cleaning,
not feeling sad when i think of him alr. (Actually, i realized i had already let him go long ago. LOL!)
Now, i only have one person in my heart. :D
Lame shit i know. Whatever! Just feel like posting it. HAHAHA.

Okay, anymore updates, i will update soon! :)

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