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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's time.

I must blog or else it'll rot.
(Hey, it sort of rhymes. haha)
I have the sudden urge to blog because i have promised you readers i would post pictures. and here i am!
So nice of me right!
(What crap. in fact, i came to blog out of boredom!)
Sorry, my evil twin sister just typed that. oh well, whatever!
(Lol, what a lame drama.)
Okay, shall post pictures for CNY then. :)
Some pictures only.. lol.

Random shot of hamsters. :)

Yo ma ma so cute i wanna pinch her. (Referring to the hamster okay!)

Shots with sister~

and again~

and again~~

LOL. I purposely posed near the 'FU' word because it's CNY! Wth... hhahhahahahahha.

Going out soon! :)
First day always standard, visit mommy's relatives side.

This is always the first stop.
Very far! @ puggol, so i slept on the car trip.
And look @ my hair! Become bad hair day.
also must blame the fan beside us! LOL!
First shot! my 'tai jiu po' :)
Can you see the fan?? Argh, damn strong!
Me,"Mommy mommy, take again, my hair very messy!!"
Mommy,"You very troublesome leh. come come come, stand tgt, take again."
Me,"HAHAHA, okay."

And the second try. Aiyah! tai jiu po not smiling! haha.

She's very adorable one okay! If i didn't remember wrongly, mommy told me she's around 90 years old already!! WOAH~!

Second day of CNY! :)

I hate my small eyes. my sister's eyes so beautiful!! :(

Omg, this shot so blurrrrr. ._.

This one as welllllllll. ._.Ha! nicer.
This little boy is my mommy's dad's best friend's grandchild. HAHAHHA! So confusing.
He's very cute! :)

(But i still think that Elvin ng is so much cuter. LOLOLOLOL. :S)

Saw this Squirrel at one of my grandpa's friend house! he caught this squirrel near his factory as it was unconscious! LOL!

Kinda cute, but scary to me.

LOOK! Scary right? :/

Sister asked me to pose a picture with it. so i did. look at my forced smile. i was scared okay!!
Shots with bro!
(My always cui face. zz.)

Love my victoria secret handbag! haha! pinkkkkkk! (my face so cui!! ahhhhh!!)

Okay, i shall stop here!
Tired after blogging! very troublesome! Blogger gives me a lot of problems! Always! Irritatinggggg!

Working Wall's TOMORROW. o.o
CCK area. Hope i get good sales!
Tagging with Yuheng!

Oh oh oh!
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