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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Woohoo, plans for the rest of the week! :D

Nice song! :) Justin Bieber's voice, omg hot. lol. (LOL, random)

I'm so excited for the rest of the days of the week!! HEHEHE!
Tomorrow, Thursday night, meeting Elves @ CWP for dinner tgt!! I miss them!! HAHAHAHA.
Friday night meeting Fion and Dnvyepoxy for bowling! (I wanna watch movie too!! Being human, Dear John.) also!! How to tame your dragon, The last airbender. So many!!
Saturday night meeting ex working colleagues! Rachel, Hazel! also! Fion! and Dnvyepoxy! HAHAHA. AGAIN! Meeting Fion and Dnvyepoxy for 2 consecutive days!! Excited!! hehehehe. I miss them omgwtfbbqkfcpizzahutronaldfuckingmcdonalds!! HHAHAHAHA. Learnt that from kay kay. LOL. Nice.
Sunday night meeting primary schmates again! Excited! Luv hanging and chilling out with them! HAHA!

Last sunday,
met up with primary schmates @ yew tee.
Bought groceries for picnic @ marina barrage.
Had a hard time hiring a taxi for 5 people! (Me, bel, geraldine, geoffrey, bryan!)
In the end, took 2 separate taxis. -_- LOL.
Marina barrage! freaking hot. my shoes filled with wet mud, yucks.
Thank goodness for bryan's plain water, i can wash! hahahahah.
Polariad photos! woohoo. nice.
Left around 4 or 5pm?
Planning to head town, but changed of plan on mrt.
Took red line from marina bay all the way to yew tee!
had mac for "dinner".
Went geraldine's house, played monopoly, using debit cards leh! cool!
Went to her room.
Chatted, crapped all the way till morning.
I slept for a while.
Went for breakfast. (First time early in the morning ate ba chor mee meepok!! omg. weird actually. LOL.)
Got a huge scolding from mom. :/
But it's all over already~

Been rotting at home since then. :(
Effing sad.
Moreover, i received email from rp. got rejected again!
Darn it, schooling stuffs have been driving me crazy.
If i don't get into any poly,
i will really develop depression and commit suicide.
Have been very depressed because of schooling stuffs. :(
I have been praying very hard,
please hear my prayers god. :(

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