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Friday, March 26, 2010

25thMarch2010! The Mind Cafe! :)

HAHAHAHAHA. Always been so lazy to blog! so i shall blog today! with photos alright? ;)

25th March 2010:
Yesterday morning, woke up at around 9am,
got ready, done my votings online for Tarzan, and headed down to NYP with daddy.

Parked the car too far from the campus block, had to walk very far.. lol.
My DAE results for NYP isn't out yet..
I've been posted to RP's Outdoor and adventure learning..
Don't know what to do next. Shall see what's my NYP restults.. hope i get into NYP! :(
Then, daddy drove me to Yishun Stadium. I went to wait for cherpoa!
He had sports day there. haha.
Waited for 2 hours lor!! From 11am till 1pm! bored die me.
Cabbed to boon keng. he went home to bath quickly while i waited outside. the sky started to become dark, winds blew very big, and it started to rain.
Took some photos before it started to rain:
One of the shots. :)
Kinda creepy feeling there!! so scared. don't like to stay there for long. /:

He took half an hour lor!! so long! lol. (Okay lah, not really long. if it was me, i would take longer. LOL! :X)

Walked to boon keng mrt station, took the train to Raffles place and met up Joel rasis and Michelle! reached there at about 2plus going to 3pm! super hungry!!
Walked around like some fools, cuz we didn't know the way to the Mind cafe!! :x lol. end up cab again! dropped of at the wrong place. it's not 68 Boat quay!! it's 68A boat quay lor! makes a lot of difference! :/ lol.
Finally, following our intuition, we reached the place!! (YAY TO US! HAHAHAH!)
Reached there, first thing we did was to order food! i guess we were all very hungry ! LOL!
Took photos before food came!
Lovey-dovey Michelle and Joel Rasis!Yuting and Cherpoa!
The games available there!! (WOW, i wanna have many board games like mind cafe!! HAHAHAH!!) '

Food came!!
Cp ordered this!! (Photo below! :D)
My order!! (Photo below! :D)
Michelle and Joel rasis both ordered fish and chips there! :)
So aft food, we started playing games. first game was game of Scrabble!! :)
Thn, we played Gestures. thn lastly, we played Ugly doll!! (UGLY UGLY!!) HAHAHAHAHAH!!
Left The Mind Cafe at around 6pm, walked around like some fools again.
Walked to Clarke quay. went to ate Haagen-Dazs at Clarke quay! Took a lot of photos there. :) Happy happy!!
Took a lot of photos for cp! but better not post them all, or else he get mad with me!! :(

Had cookie crunch there! :)

Cp's order: Cookies and cream ice cream with one topping! (so not worth it! should buy like a tub!)

Omg i look cui. I don't need comments. ehem.
Omg i look odd. i'm the only one twisting! lol.
Yuting and Michelle! :) Bendan! luvs.
See!! Cp broke my hairband/head band, whatever he calls it. he broke it!! :'(

Handsome dude on the top. Lol.
Left there around 8pm i think.. Walked around like some fools again around Clarke quay.. the pubs, the night life.. Hahahah.
Walked to Liang Court wanting to eat dinner.. end up no ones hungry!! LOL!
Walked back to Clarke quay.
Walked around.
Walked to a shopping centre, slacked there. Lol. Slacked till 10plus.. cp took photos there.
Walked to BK wanting to eat. End up never eat again. LOL!

End up, took bus 190 back to cck at around 11pm cuz we were too bored, nothing to do. cp has school the next day..
302, then, home alone. Cuz michelle and Joel Rasis went to eat at 302. good thing cp accompanied me sms! :D
P/s: (Most of the photos in fb! :) lazy to post them all. :O)

Done nothing today!! sian.

Tomorrow's a saturday!! 27th March 2010!
Going to bai bai tmr morning with mommy at bukit batok.
Afternoon heading down to Vivocity meeting Elves! :) I miss them! :D
I wanna help out at the booth tmr!! willingly!! :D
Yay! I will get to try p.0sh's brownie tmr!! Luv kelly!! hahahaha!!
I miss Audrey, Meiling, Kelly, Ruibing and Venesa. can't wait to see them tomorrow! :)
Becuz i miss them a lot, i just took this picture for them! :D

(Audrey gave me that rose!! :))



Okay, bb! Heheheh. please tag okay! :)

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