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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Hahahhaha. i'm actually feeling much better already.
At the very least, i'm relieved that i still have friends who cares. :)
Although i'm stressful and depressed about schooling stuffs.. /:
Just talked to kelly.
One of my true friend! :P LOL. (Inside joke.)
anyway, you are my true friend!
As well as many others! :)

Cute right? she drew it to cheer me up. haha.
She told me she drew these big smiley faces to cover up my sad stuffs i wrote. HAHAHHA.

Luv herrrrr! :)

See! I told you i luv her. :D

Thanks Kelly.
As well as, Audrey, Meiling.
Binbin, Rasis, Fion, Theodora, Luigi, Yuinping, Jonathan (from warren), Afiq, Ashley, Bel, Geraldine and so many many more.
Can't think of them now. becuz i'm so tired. lol.

bb readers. thank you too.

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