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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Elves. Decisions made.

27th March 2010 :

Elvinology Recruitment Drive 2010 @ Vivocity superdog > Off to Demsey Hill B&J by cab with Meiling, Audrey and Tanat > took the bus to Orchard > KTV @ International Building > Home @ late 3am, almost 4am.

(Some photos taken yesterday. :))

Group shot outside B&J.
Left to right: Tanat, Kelly, Audrey, RuiBing, Meiling, Naomi, Venesa, Yuting.

Girls shot. Tanat's the photographer.

Colour Accent. :)
Dinner @ a italian restuarant. the spag was delicious. :)

Hahaha. I like this one. :)

NYP's letter came.

I got rejected, once again. sigh.
Retaking 3 O-level subjects.
English, Maths, POA.
Hope i get better results this time.
I took out all my stuff related to the 3 subjects.
Going to start studying when april comes..
Need to get ready to sacrifice everything.
Outing, meet-ups, coming online, blogging. Don't even think of turning on the laptop.
I need to work hard. I've regretted once. I don't want history to repeat itself.

bb. time for me to hit the hay and sink into dreamland soon..

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