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Thursday, April 1, 2010


Birthday barbeque confirmed!
Invitations sent out already! (Sent out in advance just to make sure people keep themselves free that day! hehe.)
Friends that i've invited, don't disappoint me alright! ;)
Holding it on 1st may 2010!
30 days left.
Can't wait! :)
Hope it will be a successful one. hehe.

Oh, yay! seems like i'll be able to start working again soon!
Auditing ending soon for Finexis! Telemarketers can resume work again soon! hahahaha. so happy.
This calls for a celebration huh?
Happy happy happy me. :D

Some loser tagged me on my board.
Your name is called 'joker'?
How sad.
Lol. If you wanna tag, tag with your real name. not anonymous. or with a fake name. which is worse. lol.

1 Apr 10, 04:38
joker: o level English fail still laugh at others? Bull ****

Lol, for your info 'joker'. I didn't fail my o-level English. sad to say, i passed it. awwww. :(
Lol. I roughly know who you are. So you can just openly tag with your real name huh.
So uncivilised. Don't you study moral education? Did you teacher taught you that... eww, filthy word.

Lol, i just looked up to see more meanings of 'anonymous'.

1. without any name acknowledged(LOL), as that of author, contributor, or the like: an anonymous letter to the editor; an anonymous donation.
2. of unknown name; whose name is withheld: an anonymous author.
3. lacking individuality(ROFL), unique character, or distinction (I suggest this is unfit for anonymous who tags bad comments to people. LOL!) : an endless row of drab, anonymous houses.

Okay. I guess i've given enough lessons here. shall end here.
with a big smile for you. :)

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