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Sunday, November 20, 2011


So recently, life has been so overwhelming that I didn't had the time to blog.
My whole week would be filled with mostly school, Rhapsody (Acapella), Lifesaving, family, friends.
Been trying very hard to make the best out of everyday.
It's not easy, but I'll keep trying till I succeed.
As the saying goes: "Nothing comes easy"

Well this is random blog post, but I'll try to blog more often! Can take this as a reflection journal (LOL RJ, So RP-ian)
Shall reflect my thoughts about life unlike school's RJ which reflects about school and work. lol.

Take care with lots of love.

P/s: I feel like I'm avoiding something therefore I'm always keeping myself busy. Well, it's a good thing, right? :) At least I won't have time to think so much all the time lol.

More frequent updates about me? Well follow me on Twitter then! @yutingbieber ;)

Hugs and kisses (XOXO), Yuting.

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