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Monday, November 28, 2011

Nobody said it was easy, things may not go the way it was planned initially.

Who said life's gon' be easy? Life's gon' be a piece of cake? Nobody.
We all have bad days. We feel lousy about ourselves, feel like we are the failure of everything, feel like we've let the whole wide world down. But who really knows? We might be going through "lessons in life", which makes us a more knowledgeable, experienced and maybe, a stronger person?

Maybe these are obstacles, pebbles and rocks in life that trips us over, let us fall hard on the ground, know the real meaning of "pain" before we "learn our lesson"? As people would say, "Who doesn't kill you makes you a stronger person".

Yes, I do feel all emotional and sucky about myself today. But that doesn't mean tomorrow's gonna be as bad as today right? Yes, I must stay positive. TOMORROW IS A NEW DAY.

I love blogging when I have thoughts. It makes me think, reflect, type impromptuly, backspace <--- when I feel like, "NO, THAT'S NOT IT" kinda feeling. And I guess in the near future, I could view my posts again and read all the silly stuff I have posted, laughing at the silly thoughts I have in the past.

Hahaha, no matter what, moral of the story, "STAY STRONG AND SMILE ALWAYS" ;)

Love, Yuting.

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