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Monday, October 12, 2009

Ooh la la.

Ooh la la. 14 days to O's. Nice.
Exactly 2 weeks and i haven't start on my 'real' revision.

Had hard time memorizing.
Was so flickle-minded. (becuz i keep switching subjects that i want to study) no good! ):

Oh yah btw,
on 10th October 2009,
It's mommy and daddy's 20 years anniversary.
Love you two!! (:
And on 10th october 2009,
Sad for me though. (Not really THAT sad lah.)
It's been a year..
(Nevermind if you guys don't understand.)

Oh yah, realised that 'some people' (Actually 1)
Really damnnnnn thick-skinned!
TSK. Disgusted. wtf man.

Okay, i need off computer alr. (not so soon. ._.)
P/s: I'm in school library. LOL. Just ended POA class not long ago.
Incomplete records. Ooh la la.
(LOL. Only me and geraldine will understand what's ooh la la. Geraldine, right? <3 :D)
Alright, gtg now. want go fb ler. bb. (:

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