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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas (:


Had Christmas eve party at Big Aunt's house.
Quite fun. (:
Only somethings made me upset.
But aft that w my cousins accompany..
I was alright ler. (:
Had Turkey , Ham, Sausages and also, Log cake. (:
Rain rain rain. But it didn't affect us playing. x)
Went home at ard 11 plus.

Early in the morning.
Went to eat w family.
Thn home.
Thn me , my sister and my mommy went to Juntion8 first.
Bougt clothes and stuffs.
P/s: I've got lots of clothes for CNY alre!! xD
Mommy finally bought clothes.
Waited for her choose and pay.
Kinda bored. :/

Thn this is the part i hate.
(Not hate actually, just, become veh quiet and upset?..)
Mommy didn't say going whr.
I just followed in the car.
Drive past..
Someone's staying area.
Was shocked?..
(At that moment, i hope mommy could quickly drive us away from that place..)
Mommy turned into a carpark.
And we got down.
Looking at that place reminds me alot of things.
Seems like i have not fully over him..

Thn mommy bought delicious Rojak, dessert and Meesiam from thr.
We went back to the car..
(I was glad.. because i'm afraid i would see him.. :( )

Thn. Went to Lot one.
Went to Zinc to buy my school use.
And a MYUK pencil case.
Veh cute one! Ha.

That's the end of today's post bah.. (:
Once again,
Merry christmas to all. ((:

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