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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh. Audi is back!

Once again, i'm back to auditionSEA. Finally.
Play w friends more fun uhs.
Sister went to camp.
Left me and bro at home only.
Mummy,daddy work.
Grandma overseas. (:
Thn we two crazy over comp.
(But nvr fight for com uhs.)
Thn i played audi w AhBennnnnnnn. :D
I not pro lo!
I veh long nvr play siol.
U more pro. :D :D :D

Oh. Today nvr work.
At first got der.
But Jerlin bo trolley.
She ask me accompany her.
Hao also ask me accompany him.
Thn i bomb trolley.
Today play top sales ,
So everyone snatch stoacks from me.
I so nice.
Nvr get money.
Yet let ppl chiong top sales. (I am a good girl ^^)
Oh. Thn went to Sunshine place.
Hao eat dinner.
We watch.
Boss treat us drink!
Aiseh so niceeeeeeeeeee. ;D

Joke , crap around.
Went back base,
Keep let stupid mosquitoes bite !
Counted about 5 mosquities at one go ! zzz.
Reagan came back w micheal and two zharbos.
Helped them chiong sales.
So nice of us. (me and jerlin) ! ^^
Go back base, Wanted to help zhenwei.
Cause he going top sales,
Thn i can get abit of money too if i help him. (Or ice-cream)
So help help lo. Try try luck.
How i know mathew come extra.
We promoting ice cream to customer,
He extra come make the customer duwan. -.-
I shout him lo.
Ask him don chao.
(Actually is only play play likthat say,
idk why he threw tamtrums at me!-.-)
Scold me por zhenwei lampah.
Really hurting one leyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
Fuck. Pekcek sia. (I seriously regretted helping u buy ice-cream when u not enuff sales ! -'-) Cheebye kia.
Aft that went back base.
Somthings happened, (not quite sure so better tiam)
Thn wait for Alas.
Walk to cck der 302 bus stop,
With alot of ppl,
Got, (Clement, Chuazheng,Alas,Hongwei, 2 friends of clement(got go sentosa before der))
Ha. They veh noisy, but veh funny! :D
Thn took bus.
Clement say me loner. -.-
Thn ran home. :D
The end. :D

p/s: Going play audi ler.
Waiting for benzhongggggggggg! .___.
(He say wan do FAM sia ! I not enuff dens lah dey. Lol.)
Mood : Not really good. (Because still nt happy over mathew) , kinda disappointed.

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