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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Random post! hehe.

Omg, i woke up @ 11.11am, looked @ my phone, and made a wish.
Hope it will come true.

Texted him.
Stopped halfway. /:
guess he's busy with game. [:

Now texting with bestie!
LOL. She's working yet she's still sms-ing with me!!
Cute uh.

I want to watch Sherlock Holmes. :( (idk why either. lol) *lol, random*

Okay, shall post random picturessssss! :D

AHHHHH, My favourite character in Alvin and the chipmunks 2! *See picture on top!*
(I nvr watch Alvin and the chipmunks 1 before!! I wanna watchhhhhh!)

Theodore voice is by Jessy mccartney! :D *See picture below!*

Went for interview yesterday!
Daddy fetched me there. [: Thank you daddy!! *luv*
Interview successful!
Starting work on 4th jan 2010!
Tele-marketer. :D
Thanks Donovan for introducing this job for me!
At least i won't be slacking, doing nothing @ home, or going for outings which spends $$$ !! lol.

Omg, reporting @ 9.45am leh!
At The gateway building, near Bugis!
End work @ 7pm, latest 9pm!
(Hope i get to leave @ 7pm! I need to rush home to watch 9pm drama!! Togetherrrrrr!)

I took some pictures yesterday. like random. Cuz bored while waiting for dad! He has an appointment.

Random took my shoes. Everlast kay!! hahahha. Wore oversized tee and leggings yesterday! eee.
Randomly took the grass which i think it turned out fine!! hahaha. Waiting in car, nothing to do me. -_-

(Looked kinda emo? -_- i think i'm thinking of something.)

And.. i randomly took pictures of myself.
Took this one and find it fugly. so stopped.
Shall post this fugly one only. lol. -_-

Thn, dad waited for me while i went for interview, so, after interview, he brought me back to his office. at night thn fetch me home cuz he has appt near home.
And yes, i walked ard alone!!
Hungry me bought papaya milkshake, thn, oreo ice blended, thn, oreo mcflurry and apple pie.
Around 7plus, left office.
Daddy lopang god-little aunt home as well.
I was tired i guess.
I slept in the car.
That's all i guess.
Oh yah! I bought the iWeekly!! Free calender. Omg, My hottieeeeee in july!!
Love him to the max!!

In office, i randomly took a picture of him! hehhee. so hottttt right. :D

Horse-riding eh.
Strong strong. hehhe.

Going to eat popiah made by granny.
bb!! :]

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