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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day out to IMM.

Hoho, random pictures.
*In this picture, i'm just trying to show the fahrenheit sticker mommy helped me to paste on my ez-link. Heehee. They're really cute! But sad uh, never sell Elvin Ng one leh. ):*


Here to post. :D
Today went to IMM ; Jurong east, with sister. (:
Got to buy groceries for tuesday.
Because monday no time to buy. I'm gonna get the vegetables on tuesday morning.. Heehee..
Oh. Gonna talk about today trip to IMM.
Firtly, i went to Daiso, to look ard, see if i can get nice, cute, plates and equipments..

Ite, i bought a cute 'writable blackboard woodpin' and a cute 'shy white bear'. (Which i've post photo of it in this post! :D) (Just taken only, sister joined in the camwhore. lol.)

Psst: Oh yah, for the 'shy white bear' , I thought for very long then deicided to buy it! Me and sister had a lot of fun in Daiso.. LOL. Tootpid lor, when i didn't want to buy it. I left it on a shelf and keep staring at it, then sister came and said ,"*Acting cute and pathetic* AWW.. BUY ME.. BUY ME.. LOOK.. I'M SO CUTE.." LOL. -_- *W/e if it's not funny. lol.*

Ite, bought the shy white bear, thanks to sissy. -______-" lol. But didn't had any regrets lah. The bear is just so ****ing cute alright. lol. :x
HAHAHA. I blocked her in this one. :P
Okay, continue with today's outing.
Aft buying things from Daiso. We went to Giant.
Bought some groceries.. prawns, chicken meat.. (Shit. I bought the chicken from the HALAL meat, however, one of the chicken drumlet didn't have the halal sigh!! ZZZ.) *Hope teacher would accept it.. /:)
Had some tiffs with sister. Cause she was so fed up i anyhow walked and didn't had a destination to go in the mall.. D: Tootpid. zzz.
Wanted to get subway cookies, but alot of people, end up, never buy!
Thn, we walked to the Shuttle bus service. Waited for the 2nd bus then left imm. (Cause 1st bus full.. lol, w/e.)
Took the train and off we went home (:
Before going home, we alighted at yew tee station. Had to buy groceries from NTUC *Mommy wants to cook* , also, went to value shop to search for some CUTE cups and PLATES.
Ite, bought GARFIELD type of cups and plates. Hope it's acceptable, cause cher said she wants us to get PLASTIC ones, instead, i got PAPER TYPE ones. /: Confused anot? -.-
Okay, craps enough, pictures time.

Didn't edit, so i look quite dumb? -_- Whatever.

Ate porridge for dinner. Heehee. I like. ^^
Watched discovery channel while eating..
'Bite Nite'
Dangerous creatures for your info *I learnt from 'Bite Nite'*
1. Stingray
2. Fire Ant
3. Hairy-like caterpillar *Looks really cute beacause it's hairy! But the hair has venoms.. EEEE..*
4. Scorpian
5. Bumble bees
6. Platypus *They look really cute! Who knows the have venom in them!! D:*
Who knows about 'Perry the Platypus' In Phineas and Ferb' ? AWW. HE'S REALLY CUTE RIGHT! ): But he's poisonous.

I would really like to have one of these!! ):

Psst: Going school tmr, meet ms d, print coursework.
Pssst: Go library afterwards, bringing holiday homework. Anyone accompany me do? *Dumb dumb hj bathing, haven't reply me. -.-*
Pssssttttt: HEEHEE. I RECEIVED MEILING'S MMS. ELVIN'S PHOTO! HEEHEE. Not gonna post! :P Bleahhhhh. Heehee. Love is selfish, isn't it? xP Anyw, thanks Meiling! xoxo.

Got to run, bye! (:

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