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Monday, June 22, 2009



Library whole day. (again)
Wanted to do coursework but whole day no internet. -_-

Done some maths (some alright. lol. 1 or 2 questions i guess).
with zw, lj.
Vra, Azwadi (Not sure. lol), and Jiexiang also doing work.
Jerlin and Michele came ard afternoon.

They were doing work, i was playing pool with lot of people. (Lazy name all).
Played Taboo last min. FUN OKAY. HA-HA-HA.
Fun playing with Cx, tyy and mich. Funny!!

P/s: Michele! 'Bimbo', HAHAHA, Tyy also know bah.
Okay, lazy to post more ler. Byebye. going to watch The Ultimatum at 9pm ltr. :D Heehee.

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