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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Planning for outing ~ Heehee.

1. Ytd went to ate mac in the afternoon, got a charcoal coca-cola cup. :D *Nice*
2. Went back home, stuck in front of the laptop for the whole afternoon. **PLAYED L4D. HAHA. I DARE PLAY LER. QUITE SCARY BUT EXCITING. :X** .. Gonna play later. :p
3. Met mommy for dinner tgt with sis and bro. Shared a bowl of noodles with mommy.
4. Went to take bus 302 to WGCC with bro. Was suppose to do homework with michelle. END UP DONE NOTHNG! Craziness at playground with young kids. Lmao. Went home at ard 10plus, michelle mommy fetch. ^^ Thanks.
5. Woke up at 10.30am SHARP. Slacked on bed until 10.40 then decided to wake up.
6. Washed up, ate some kuehs daddy bought.
7. Watched Toy Story 2 from Disney Channel. Wa-ha-ha. Cute. I remembered a sentence from the movie, "You saved our lives, we're totally gratefulllllllll!" Lol. So cute lor. The three aliens. *Ahhhh~ Strangers~*
{Forget it if you don't understand. lol}
8. Used laptop, michx sms-ed. Meeting for badminton at 4pm laterrrrrr.
9. Maybe doing some homework. *ZZZ, i always say that end up didn't do one lorrrr. /:*
10. Going to post about my title for today. Ah hahas. :D

Binny, Jen and me are going to plan an outing again. :D
So excited.
Planning for Picnic at West Coast ! :D
Must organise propeely~! Heehee.
Same this time, classmates again. :) *FUN!*
{Fun to hang out with them . Hahahas.}

Okay, stop here. Nothing much to post, life's a bore. I wanna study! :/
Byebye sweets. :D

Psst: Sad! Imissed last night's 'The Ultimatum'! ):

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