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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy chinese new year !

Hello people. :)
Came online just to blog.
So niceeeeeee of me. :D
Btw, So tired today !
Today, i woke up at 10plus,
3am plus sleep one sia, So early wake up.
Cause i heard mommy talking to daddy. Thn i woke up lo.
Mommy ask me to go have breakfast tea with her.
Daddy went to give her god-sister some cny things, and in return, she gave us pineapple tarts. Veh nice !
Daddy bought alot of things to make the house so chinese new year ! LOL.
(Yesterday went to chinatown w family and aunt's family. He also keep looking for cny deco. HAHA.)
Okay.. back to today..
Daddy thn came back,
Mommy and i went downstairs,
Thn last min daddy tagged along.
So went to teck whye to lim kopi (I drink milo lah. AH hahahha.)
Before that we went to the temple to bai bai. (:
Thn, daddy picked up the roast duck he ordered.
Thn went back to car,
Michelle suddenly called me.
Say her bro saw me. She going grandma house. LOL. Cute.
Thn went home to have lunch liao lo. (:

Whole day at home packing things.
My cupboard things.. So many rubbish, found so many when i young use der things.. Lol.
Hmm, Also helped daddy pack his things..
Thn, Reunion dinner. (:
So nice and delicious. Heeheeeeeeee. :D :D :D

Watch tv and slacked whole day. -.-
Oh, btw, Homework ! Omgomg, Like so lazy to do siol. LOL.
See how first uhs, Maybe wednesday go school then chiong. Lol ! :D
Byeeeeee. {{:

Tag Replies :
Boonchuan : Lol , ty. :D
JuNWei : Where got?! I got write lah. Included der lohhhhhh ! :(
Binny : LOL. M*warrks. :D :D :D Tyvm. :)
gr3goRy : Hohohos. Of course lah ! I who? Yuting leh ! :X LOL. WAH. MIRCLE SIOL. U SO LONG BO TAG MEEEEEE ! :(

It's been so long, that I haven't seen your face, I'm trying to be strong, but the strength I have is washing away.

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