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Monday, January 19, 2009

Omg . .___.

I slept from 6pm plus to 8pm. Hohohos.
So tired from school.
School today had discipline talk.
Ughhh. I think i better not comment anything on this. -.-
Skip skip skipppppp. :D

I rmb liao.
Knw something?
Today in class,
I was talking to binny.
I thought next monday thn is cny eve sia.
No it isn't.
It's this coming sunday. -.-
Thn i keep blur blur.
I thought monday thn cny celebration in school. Lmao. -.-
yay ! I bought a silver patent belt.
Collecting it this friday. 3pm !
Maybe going out w Binny this fridayyyyyy.
(She bringing someone secretive. O.O She duwan tell me who isit. :( )
No homework today !
Okay okay,
I think i only can stop here.
Love my blog song. Hohohos. <3333333

4 days to outing with binny, School cny celebration !
6 days to Reunion dinner ! At Big aunt's house. ;DD
7 days to midnight outing at Chinatownnnnnnn. ;DD
7 days to cny and wear nice nice new clothessssss !! Heheeeee. :)

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