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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sick :(

Today in school.
I think i've been sleeping for most of the lessons .. :(
Because i'm sick. :(

There's chinese, poa, ss and english to do.
I've done chinese alr, (only left w corrections , dk whether to do it or not.)
I've done poa, (Some only . D: I need the notes but i left it in school)
I've done ss, (Some only . D: Cause idk how to do.)
I've done english. (Only left w the last two points idk how to change.)

:( Sadsad. I'm bored. .___.

I don't wanna be sick for cny ehs !! :(
I need to get well soon.
I smsed mdm tan just now,
Hope she gets well soon. (:

Oh-my. :(

School is making me tired and stress day by day.. .___.
Bye. :(
I go sleep alr.

P/s : People ! I've relinked. (: <33

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