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Saturday, January 31, 2009


It's a boring day !
Woke up, eat wanton mee. (Grandma cooked siol! Yummy! xD)
Thn , i tried to do POA, But.. I forgot to bring back the notes. -.-
Thn idk how to do.
Thn tmr try can do again anot..
Oh.. Maths level test.. I failed. D: Hais.
I got 6/20. WTF. -.-"
Need to do extra work. (idk how to do siol)
Don care school work liao uhs !
Got time thn do. ):

Going cousin house ltrrrrr.
Cause got party, play games. Hehehehe.
Going w grandma first. Later sure will have alot of people go der! Yay ! Sure play until veh late one. Heheeeheee. :D

I'm going to get ready soon.
So can't post much. Will post if i get to use my cousin's computer later.
*Thn i can play audi ! Woohoooooo ! :S*
Hahahaha. See first uhs, bye ! :D :D :D

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