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Friday, January 23, 2009

Omg. I get tired so easily.

I just woke up ! Lols.
I get so tired easily nowadays.
.___. Must take care of myself, cause heroscope and zodiac both said this year is not a veh good year for me, so i must take care of my self. Cause i easily sick. .___.

I had a bad dream just now. :(
Felt kinda sad. :(
Hais, shall not talk about it.

Hohohos. <<<< Weird. @_@
Happy chinese new year in 2 days time ! (Excluding today)

Lettme talk about today in school !
Today has something to talk about.
First lesson was F&N, Nothing much. (Oh ! This reminds me of doing finish my TA ! Ah hahahaha. )

Thn, followed by recess.
Didn't eat, cause morning ate egg bread alr. Mummy made it for me ! ^^
Thn, went back to class.
Slacked, thn, teachers came, talked.

Thn bell rang..
Went to School hall ! (:
Today we sat downstairs.
I'm okay lah.
But a lot of people said : Wahlao ! Waited 4 years just to sit at the gallery, ite, still downstairs !
But sit downstairs good what, CREVER people sit downstairs kae ! :X
More enjoyable.

First was the puppet show, done by a guy.
Quite funny uhs.
Students went up to be like jokers. Including Daniel ! :X
Thn, was the Scout's chinese drums !!
All veh cool.
Yiihang was the lead,
Veh shuai !
A lot of people said he was handsome.

Thn , was the chinese zodiac thingy..
I kinda forgotten, I've got stml. ;XX
I only know,
There was Malay drums, (Hasbi was inside ! Lol) , Shuffle (Omg, so shuai can ?) , Singing by ex students and teachers, A video clip on Life in Zhenghua. LOLS. Fucking funny. xDD
Prize giving, and last but not least, the grand finale. (Sorry if i missed out any ! >.<) Lols.
Overall ended at ard 12plus. Ha. Okay liao lo.

Aft that,
Went to Lot one with Michelle.
Ate Kimchi noodle. Hohohos.
Thn went back home alr. (:

Ha. I think i better try do some homework before i "Lin shi bao fuo jiao" Lols.
Byebyeeeeee. (:

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