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Sunday, February 1, 2009

No one can make you feel inferior witthout your consent.

Back to post.
Veh bored, nothing to do, feel sleepy.. =.=

Ytd went to cousin house..
Didn't get to use the computer..
Moreover.. She deleted audition ! -.-" Sianded. Thn didn't get to play.
Thn whole day play cards and play.. catching.. ;x With cousins.
Cards ah.. Aiya, played blackjack, got win got lose lo.
But the thing is : The process of playing w my cousins! Enjoyed can ler.
We played "in between" too. Ty to pearl jie , if not can't rmb how to play. *giggles*
Wah, that was the part when i won a lot of money, but also lose a lot of money ! But it was enjoyable playing w my cousins. Heehee.

At night ard 8 plus.
We went downstairs.
Played catching. Heehee !
veh fun playing w them. Because we played the whole downstairs. HAHA.
Catching plus hide and seek. :D :D :D

My parents and grandma won money in playing cards w my relatives also..
haha. Yesterday was great !
Left their house at about 10 plus. (Because their pet bird wanted to sleep alr ! Bad bird! Keep screeching and screeching. ;X )
Nahhhh. Because everyone tired ler bah.. HAHA.

Thn after cousin's house.
Went to look for my mother's sister and cousin.
Ate porridage at AMK. :D
Late alr, but eat for fun. hehe.
Drank Milo iceeeeee.. :D
(Idk why nowadays i rlly enjoy drinking milo ice, heheeee)
Reached home at around 1am. :)

Today !
Woke up at ard 11am plus.
Grandma cooked soup! and wanton.
Got drink and eat lo.
Thn after that,
changed and went to Chinatown.
Mommy bought Tiong bahru baos and dimsum..

(I don't like driving past *that* place. It just makes me upset and gives me fucking lots of memories. Fucked up man.) -.-

Skip skip .
Went to "Wei xiang yuan" and ate delicious desserts w family.. :D
Nicenice. (:

Thn rained..
Suddenly stopped and the sun came out.
So nice. Ha. Because i was there ! YUUUUUUU TINNGGGGGG. :X (NAHHHHH! KIDDING. ;X)
Thn , daddy drove grandma to tiong bahru . She got off there. I think she went shopping alone.
Actually was to drive daddy to office at queensway thn we go mommy friend house bai nian.. But. Last min change.
We went to dad's office.
Walked around..
Bought Purple FBT :D
Went to IKEA to eat ice-cream (DELICIOUS!) and bought hot-dog bun. (FANTASTIC!) LOLS.
I helped IKEA to advertise their food there. Lol.
Thn went to queensway opposite , mommy had delicious ba coh meee. Idk how to explain. Lol.
Thn i drank papaya milkshake. hehe. :D

Ha. thn at last went home w mom and dad and siblings. Before that went to IMM . Sister needa buy things. Home sweet home ! :D

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