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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's day sickness.

Imma back to post!
Have been sleeping alot i guess ?
Went to see the doctor today.
Granny took me to the doc. (:
Register at about 10am.
By 12plus thn came out. -.-
So fucking long.
But no choice, polyclicnic is likthat one.
Oh, btw, know why i went to the doc's ?
Because i was having flu, cough and sore throat for the past 2 weeks.
LOL. Thn i thot it was a small illness, so i lazy go to the doctor.
I didn't know it got worse. -.- LOL.

So.. Today's Valentine's day.
Sad for me!
I have to spend Single valentine's day.
Actually got go out with friends one.
But, since i sick, thn nvr liao. *insert sad face here!*

Okay okay, Gotta stop crapping. Ha.
Homework for yesterday was only Maths !
Tmr morning have haircut appointment !
Heehees. Thinking of having a new "frinch" cut. (Idk if i spelled it correctly . lol)
Okay, byebye.
So not colourful today.
I think'll just add :

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