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Monday, February 2, 2009

Time and tide wait for no man.

Edward cullen .
Robert pattinson is *whistles!* LOLS.

267 days more to O's. Which is on the 26th oct..
Tsk. This date makes me think so much.. -.-"

Anyw !
Today , school was tiring.
Actually had to stay back for F&N, But haf hour later , teacher couldn't make it. She had a meeting, thus, canelled. ~

Tmr had to bring thermometer siol..
(Where to make one thermometer out ? -.- Idk. W/e.)

Today homework only english newspaper reflection, geog notes, and POA work.

Sianded. Idk why just now go home alone.
I think alot while listening to mp3.
-.- I had this kinda feeling.
It sucks !
Think think think.
Last time.
And future. TSK ! -.-! I hate it.
It makes me so sad. :(
Hais. Nothing much to post.
Not in the mood.

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