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Saturday, February 7, 2009

I want to lean on your shoulder..

Heehee! One photo i didn't del.. :x :x :x
Posting time !
I nvr go michx house.. Bo party lo.. Sianded. :(

Today,Train-ed to Outram park.
Walked to Limin's school.
-.- I hate there. Always makes me have lots of memories one. -.-"
Thn, crapped and kinda moody while walking to the bus stop to bus to bugis.
Maybe i dislike that place bah.
thn, bus-ed to Bugis to meet Sharlene ! :D

Esc, Arcade, mos burger, bugis street, topshop.
Esc played auditionnn. Heehee.
Thn, Arcade to play DDR ! (My favourite game in arcade! :D)
Sharlene and Limin first time play.
Thn Limin got addicted to it.
But.. I had lots of fun with them alrightssssss. :D
Being with Limin and Sharlene is lots of fun.
Crapped , played, disiao-ed ! Lol.
At mosburger, ate fish burger and my favourite drink, MILK TEA ! Ah Hahahahahahahaha.
Thn laughed and crapped with them.
Thn went to bugis street walk walk, sharlene wanted to buy things. But the shop didn't open. D:
Thn Limin accompanied me to wait for zxczxzx and Meibei.
Went to topshop see see look look.
Got one @!^$^*$%@#@! old uncle scold us ! zzz. Because we took photos in the topshop. (Hello! I didn't know mahhhhhhh! -.- nxt time i won't liao lah, need so fucking fierce meh?! -.-)
He DEMANDED me to delete all the photos right away. fucker. -.-
Thn zxcxx and Meibei came,
Waited for them veryyyyyyyyyyyy longggggggggg.
Thn went down to mrt guardian.
Thn finally they reached.

Limin left.
We trained to orchard.
While walking to mrt, my leg cramp. -.-
I tiam tiam.
Cause i think xiasuay.. ;x
Fucking pain uhs. T.T Nobody care. :'(
Thn Meibei keep hide from me at first, idk.
Thn keep running away..
Thn zxczcx keep go chase her..
Make me so paiseh.
Like extra.
Okay, let's skip~

zxczxz like dislike me likthat.
Veh straightforward.
Say he is not want go out with me, he wants to go out with meibei.
If meibei go, he leave.
Like.. make me feel so thick-skinned. (Like what he always say me)..
Hais.. :(
Always make fun of me also.
Always scolds me also. Like veh hate me likthat.

Thn we went to orchard,
(On the way there, at the escalator, I SAW Z.FATTAH! HAHA ! He couldn't recognise me likthat. Lol. I was going up, he was going down. ;D)
walked to far east plaza,
Saw CSS Roadshow.
Called xingyu.
Saw him for the first time . Lol.
Thn saw Joselin !
Lol. She still rmb me seh.

Hey Joselin! I finally come support u ler hor! Don't say i bad friend !

zxczxz like abrupt dulan likethat.
Suddenly left w/o a word.
Hais. Veh confusing day it is..
Why cannot just go out normally?..
I think he dislikes going out with me ? Maybe..

Thn when he left,
Left me and meibei.
Meibei accompany me go xcraft buy friendship band.
Pink one! I wear myself uhs, not counted friendship band.. Lol.
Went over to mac and bought milo.
Meibei treat me ! (Thanks!)
Thn we went separate ways..
I took 190 to cck and 302, then, home sweet home..
In 190,
I saw a sweet couple in front of me, the girl was leaning on the guy so sweetly..
I missed those days ..
Where i got a shoulder to lean on. :(

Ty Z.fattah!
Accompanied me sms ! Lol. Crapper. :X
When i reached home,
My family went to have chinese thingy dinner.
I forgot what's that called. -.-
Very moodless uhs !
Very moody uhs !
Why always so mean to me !
Play also not likethat one mah ! :(

Don't likthat lah..
Go out next time again okays?
Promise to waste of time.. :'( Sigh!

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