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Friday, February 27, 2009


v. re·gret·ted, re·gret·ting, re·grets
1. To feel sorry, disappointed, or distressed about.
2. To remember with a feeling of loss or sorrow; mourn.
To feel regret.
1. A sense of loss and longing for someone or something gone.
2. A feeling of disappointment or distress about something that one wishes could be different.
3. regrets A courteous


To me..
Regrets can be in many forms.
Me, myself, and i , had a lot of regrets too.

-Making decisions too harshly,
-Scolding the friends who were the best to me, adviced me, but i told them off.
-Wasting so much of my time in the past.
-Wasting my effort in the past..

I made a lot of of regrets in my life, until now.
And i told myself, Not to do anything or whatever and then regret ever again.
I know that's possible. But one thing for sure,
I'll make my every move worthwhile and try not to make any decisions to make myself regret ever again. I swear.
I'll learn to think maturely and understand every step that i take in the future.


1. A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.
2. A person whom one knows; an acquaintance.
3. A person with whom one is allied in a struggle or cause; a comrade.
4. One who supports, sympathizes with, or patronizes a group, cause, or movement: friends of the clean air movement.
5. Friend A member of the Society of Friends; a Quaker.
tr.v. friend·ed, friend·ing, friends Archaic
To befriend.

To me..
Friends are the ones that stay by your side with support when you're at your weakest. (Not steads)
Friends are the best when you need a listening ear.
Friends are the ones you need to laugh with, cry with, angry with, and even mad with. (I don't think steads could do that.)

I've learnt my lesson.. I regret.
Regret treating my friends badly when i was in love.
I was foolish, silly, to think that steadys are more important in life.
I was wrong , really wrong.
Now i know how much friends mean to me.
I would cherish and love them more than how much love i gave to ... the past.
I was seriously wasting time and effort (Once again.)

I've learnt my lesson.
Once bitten, twice shy ehs ? :)

I believe in what goes around, comes around.
People who treats me badly would in turn gets treated badly by others.
If i treat people badly, i would in turn get treated badly by others.
Therefore, i must learn to control and not to treat others badly.
We all are sinners. Therefore, repent , i will.
I will in turn treat others nicely (I try my hardest! :x) From now on. (:

End of post.
Ha. Idk what to post.
All these suddenly came to my mind. And i decided to post it out. :)
Hope these can help people around me. !(:
Hope it's useful to others !
My own philosophy actually. Haha.

Before i end, i would like to thank some of my close friends{Who were there to make me smile,support me, cheered me up.}
(Which i can rmb for now..)
(Not in any order ! I just think and i type!)

-Isabel (Cheered me up and listener. Visited me when i was in hospital. True friend!)
-GeraldineGoh (Listener, adviser, bestie, crazy clique!)
-Simin (Cheers me up, person to chat with, bestie, crazy clique!)
-Jenny (Cheered me up,bestie,crazy clique!)
-GeraldineChang (Visited me when i was in hospital. True friend!)
-Ada (Visited me when i was in hospital. True friend!)
-MichelleNeo(Bestie always by my side. Whenever i mad, happy, upset, angry. LOL.)
-Binbin (Listener, bestie, crazy clique!)
-Theodora (TTPR,bestie,Funny and cute girl , listener, cheers me up!)
-Rasis (Sweetie, cutie, Cheers me up!)
-Brandon (Baobei , Cheers me up, by my side!)
-Boonchuan (Crapper but funny, cheers me up, glad to chat with !)
-Debbie (Sayang, advices me, cheers me up!)
-zxcxzcxz (Cheers me up, scolds me but playing, scolds me when i think stupidly{good enuff alr uh! Lol})
-Hongjiong (Joker, listener, cheers me up!)
-Hans (Cheered me up last time.. {I said last time cause i like veh long nvr chat with him liao.. :/)
-Kunfeng (Listener, Cheers me up, accompanies me!)
-Jerlin (Darlink, cheers me up, advices me, listener!)
-Danhui (Cheers me up! {I miss danhui!} )
-Gregory (Cheers me up!)
-Isabelle (Cheered me up!)
-Germin (Pretty girl, cheers me up, shares sorrows to each other!)
-Meibei (Helped me look for 'news' :x (last time uhs) , Listener, cheered me up!)
-Limin (Meii, Advices from her.. Listens to my craps, fun to enjoy with!)
-Sharlene (Cheers me up!)
-Larry (Lovable korkor , listener!)
-Many many more.
Psst: (Sorry to people who cared about me before too ! Once i rmb, i'll update. ORRRRRR. Maybe u can update me in msn/Whatever!) Sorry!


Binbin sent me this !

"When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us." - - Helen Keller


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