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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I have nothing to post about.

I found this info ! Heehee. (Post veh boring so added a picture. Lol.)

Helloooooo !
It's been awhile since i have posted.. Lol.
Idk what to post about..
Kunfeng suggested me to write about my school..
But.. Duwan lah.. So bad. He also quite nice. (sometimes) Lol.
But i've never been scolded by him before.. (I think..) So i don't really hate him. Ha.
School as usual.
But today, we had Social studies workshop !
Until 5plus siaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Hahah ! But michelle wait for me uhs !
(So niceeeeee of her right ! Heehee. )
Tmr also will be like today.
Michelle will also be waiting for me i guess ! So nice of her. Heehee. Bestie lahhhhh!
Homework i have to pass up maths (vectors) tmr..
But given homework is only chinese.. (Sian.. Had to do "gong han" and rewrite "bzbd"! :( )

Handphone down ! :( *Insert crying face here*
But good thing there's substitute hp.. My mom last time phone.. Lol.
But nvm ! I hope my hp can fix ! (The problem is the buttons one day suddenly all cannot press.. ZZZZ) -.-"

Okay. Got to stop now, brother have to use! %^$%#&%$%$@#!@# Tskkkk. Bye.

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