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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Homeworks are driving me nuts.

Sians lah.
Just reached home.
Had Maths Remedial class just now.

Life isn't so easy in sec 4 ! :(
I'm starting to miss lower secondary days.
So much freedom.
So boliao everyday one. D:

Homework for today :
- English writing.
- Emaths , 10 yr series (Still not touched yet) , Ex 2 revision (WTF. I fucking failed my probability test, because of some careless mistakes ! -.-)
- Biology revision. (Quiz tmr?!??!? Sians. -.-")
- POA B6 (Forget to bring poa txtbook home. -.-) , worksheet question 11,12,13 (Long answer questions !) -.-

Note to myself : Cannot be lazy anymore !! Rush all the homework before watching tv !! T.T SADDDDD.

I definately need to take a good break aft all these !! T.T
(I meant aft my O's)
OMG. -.-
266 days more lah.

Sounds long if i wanna rest.
Sounds short if i wanna cope with my studies. -.-!

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