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Thursday, February 5, 2009


Hellos !
I feel soooooo relaxed today !
Today only ! D:
Because i have homework,
But not pass up tmr one lo.

Slept from like 5plus to 7plus.
Wah, so shiok ! Heehee.
Not feeling well lahs. :0
I just ate a bowl of noodles again. (>.<)
4plus eat before liao. hehe.
Oh. So bored. Still felt kinda tired. ;0
Heehee. Later 9pm i'm gonna catch WEI LAI BU SHI MENG !
ELVIN NG ! :D <3

Talk about school bah.
Today quite a number of free periods.
POA and EMATHS free period today.
POA relief teacher kinda gl. :X
Keep ka jiao me !

EMATHS isaac (Ex-student) came to relief.
Crapped w him alot. Lol.
He kinda charming. Heehees. :X

Oh ! Today 2plus go home alr !
Aiseh, first time for the week i guess ? xD
So nice being home early. :D Reached home at ard 3pm. (Woah ! So early! LOLS)
For the whole week, I've been waiting to take a nice afternoon nap ! Finally i did it this afternoon! ;D LMAO. Thn bathe and slept lo. Like that for today only. ;D

P/s : Sorry to those people i kinda offended today !
Moodswings. D;

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