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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We all are something, but none of us are everything.

Hohohos !
So bored.
On phone w xzxzxz.
Always scold me one. /:
Help also always get scolded.
Roar. :(

Reached home ard 6plus.
Waited for michelle until 5pm.
She had ss class.
Thus, i waited outside doing homework.
So sian lo.
Still got a lot of homework waiting for me.
Maths esp.

Her mommy and daddy came to fetch us. ;D
Treated me dinner.
Thanks ! :D :D :D

Sians sians sians.

My fucking earpiece i think spoiled.
One side cannot hear.
So sad.
Mommy won't buy new one for me one lah.
Have to bear w' it lo.
(Or someone buy for my sony errisson earpiece? :( )

I hate it.
People always make fun of me -.-!
All i do is only cry.
eee-diot people go and die.
Yes, you. I'm talking about u !
(Actually is nobody.. :S)


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