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Thursday, February 26, 2009

10 bad things of the day.

Wth. I'm dead tired.
Firstly !
In school.
1. Biology re-test i flunked it.

2. Forgot to take my water bottle. Which i left it at bio class. (Good thing Wynna and co. helped me brought it back. Thanks ! <3)

3.Mdm tan didn't come again. (Kinda miss her lessons. D:)

4.Thn, some upset things ? Cried . (But i nvr blame him*)
Is not i complain, is teacher ask thn gg say what happen. Not my fault. Not gg's fault either !
When washroom washup. Saw Janice, Jerlin, Michele and Wynna. (They cheered me up. Thanks ! Again! <3)

5.Oh yah. Binbin didn't come. Also one sad and bad day. Lol.
(Binny like angry we didn't go the interview thingy with her.. So sorry !)

6.Suddenly.. Big downpour. It was raining cats and dogs.

7.Rushed to Jelapang Lrt w' Theodora and Simin with the BIG BIG RAIN.
,Patheticly shared a small handy umbrella of mine. -.- So kelian. (Not blaming you guys ah! I don't mind sharing. It's the size of the umbrella! :x)
,We were like "luo tang ji", translate to english is Wet Chicken ! -.-

8. Reached the childcare, had to walkkkk quite a long way. First, the private childcare der principal so uncivilised ! The deepest sentence i've rmb : "I DON'T WISH TO DO THE INTERVIEW" (Aft said to ask us to go inside and aft looking at my interview.) -.- I think maybe she just don't know how to read my interview ! Too chim for her. Lol.
Wear until so low-cut. 30 to 40 plus years old. Wtf.
Then, went to the 2nd one, also cannot.
Lastly the NTUC Childcare, the supervisor wants to help us, but they're a big company, thus, can't help us, cause need think a lot of factors. Like parents dislike us taking their children photo ctc etc.
So.. I can understand.
So ite, nvr do any survey or take pictures ! -.-!

9. Went home tired. On 307, a bunch of ccks girls was fucking making a lot of noise. Even teenagers behind me said them noisy, i turned and nodded to them. Wth. I had headache.

10. Mother came home. Bought a Zenstone. Actually was for me but stupid brother so annoying my mother, gave it to him, I not happy, say him abit. Thn got a harsh scolding from my mom. )':
Also, aft that she off tv.. I've alr missed Elvin Ng "The dream chasers" show for soooooo long alr. T.T Sad sad. Elvin ng.. :'(

Good things sure still have one..
Saturday going out with Limin and Sharlene ! Heehee. Imissthem ! Can play w them ddr, joke, dine, and i want to take neoprints with them ! Hope they would take with me ! (!!)
Another is i've done my chinese . (Hahha. Dk is good thing anot. But i've tried my best.)
And lastly ! Finally tmr is FRIDAY! T.T Overjoked until i could cry. Lol.

The biggest happy thing is : Third brother's getting married on sunday ! YAY! Attend wedding dinner veh fun one ! Somemore i with this Third brother quite close also ! (Long story. lol)
Best part is : Can wear nice nice and take photozxzxzxz! Heeheeheeh.

Byeeeee. Go orh orh liao. zzz.

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