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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hohohos. Hellos again.

Today !
School was tiring ! (As usual) Lol.
Had Maths Class after school.
Lots and lots and lots of homework. Saddddd. :/
Sian, i'm gonna chiong later. But 9pm must watch elvin ng ! Cause LAST EPISODE.. :/
I think i'll stop here.

Have been lazy to post.
So here's the posts ! Lol.

Sunday, 1st March 2009.

The joyful day ! Woke up at around 7am. lol.

The lovely married couple !
Wish them have a blissful and happily ever after marriage ! :D
Wish them all the best !

The beautiful bride in wedding gown.
Nice shot ehs !

The bride and groom praying.
*ABOVE* On the left side, my da-sao, left side, unknown, in the middle , the lovely married couple!
*BELOW* San-ger (Adrian)'s Bridal car ! Cool man. Bmw sports car wor !
That night ...
Mommy tied the hair for me, Very confusing hair lah. :/
I uploaded this photo because of my brother. Look at his reaction. He suddenly appear behind me when i snapped the photo. Lol. -.-
Candid snapshot.
Sister and granny !
My brother, granny and me !
Daddy and sister.
Daddy and me.
Ah kiat korkor, Ah wei, and Ah wei (Junwei)
Candid shot ! Lol. Big uncle so funny. He knew i took picture and he smiled.
Ah wei (Jonathan) And my brother, (Junwei)
If u see carefully, u can see the bride and groom right in front.. Small.. Lol.

The beautiful bride, San-sao ! Heehee.

So blur. But .. it looks kinda romantic.. :)

The groom and the bride. (Look at my cousin ! So happy ! :D)

My cousin! Lol. So cute.

Reached home at around 12am.
Next day school was dammmmmmnnnnnn tired, LOL. But worth the while! :D

Saturday, 28th February 2009.

Neoprints ! :D

Outing with limin and sharlene. Had a wild, crazy and fun day.

Met up Sharlene. Took the mrt to Bugis.

Went esc first to wait for them. So slow uh! /:

Thn, went to mac at bugis junction to eat. As well as to wait for the css roadshow. To see Jos. I saw her, she didn't see me. Lol. Forget it, walked away. Went to take neoprints. FUN! Must take with them again! Ah hahahaha. Thn, went to Arcade, play ddr. Weird people thr..

Skip skip.

Limin online boyf came. *Shivers* ;x

lol. Forget it. Everyone have their own taste bah. (: No offence ahhhh.

Walked around the shopping mall.

Sharlene took this ! We were decorating the neoprints ! Heehee.Candid shot ! Ahahhahahaha. While walking, so quite blur.Sharlene acting cute ! :x I asked her to buy the kinder surprise one ! Actually want share one.. Forgot to eat ! :( I want kinder surprise ! :(Snapshots at toilet while Limin went to buy food. Lol. (I purposely made myself shorter because she said i was too tall. Lol.)Bleahzxzxzxz !

Limin came then, asked her took photos tgt. (Limin! Don't always say yourself ugly lah!) Crazy shot ! *Smiles widely!*
Last shot, Nice one! Ah hhahahaaha.

While we walked back, Limin's boyf suddenly disappear, and sms-ed limin that he had something on. -.- Whatever. Lol. I don't really like **** boys follow our backs went girls are shopping. :P No offence ! :x

Raining dizzily, ran back to esc. Hahahhas.

Stayed awhile, crazy at lan. Left. Walked around bugis street, and bus-ed home by 960.

The crazy time at lanshop.

Sharlene keep making fun of me !
She forced me to take this photo one ! LOL. Looks funny.

I wanted to take a photo of me and sharlene. Ite , i only took sharlene. Lol! But it's quite nice uh. :)

Ha. Just .. nice. (:
Lol. Making fun of Limin when she was concentrating audition. Eventually, She got mad. Lol.

Then, had a very long bus trip indeed. At least i don't have to snatch seats in the mrt . Lol. But when reached yew tee industrial estate, i walked home from thr . quite far actually. But it was okay lah! hahahahhaa.
Byebyeeeee. <3

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