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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Hey oh. (:
Back finally. Haha.
Oh. Haven't been coming online for like since my last post.
Missed using the computer. (:
Just finished the set up for the new laptop! HA.
Homework have been flooding me. :0

Discipline master has been "looking out" for me though. Heh. :)
So, if anybody defame me, i can sue you for slander. :) (Learnt from Ms Quek! :D)

Woah. Tags.
Just this post just reply tags will do. :D

Binny: Haha. Siao zhabo. :D
♥ ` LIMINN :): Haha, love much. will relink. (:
Theodora: Haha! Sounds really lesbian though. :x lovessss much. Muhahahhaha. :)
o.O: Yeah. Hello. :) I don't want any problems alr okay. Pretty pleaae, dislike, kinda close this window. (:
Liling: HAHA. Yo. Ty for the tag. (:
Elson Soh: Yah.. You're ? (: Hellos, welcome.

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