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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Race to the witch mountain

Back to post. ;D

Today, woke up at 10plus.
Michelle smsed me to remind me about the outing. Lol.
Got ready, then went out.
Grandma today went out early in the morning, went genting. :D
Bon voyage ! ( I miss granny. D:)
Oh yah, back to outing. Lol.
Went to Jp with Michelle, isabelle and gary(isabelle's friend) .
Woah. Tiring. Lol.
Saw Ridhuan and Huishi (Racheal) , css one. Michelle blur blur ask me isit the ridhuan. I say "Where? Oh.. Yah lah. It's him lah." haha.
Thn went to walk walk, waited for isabelle to come.
Had Ajisen for lunch! (:
Thn, watched "Race to the witch mountain"
At first i don't even know what's the movie about lah.
But aft watching, it's about Aliens, and UFOs.
It's a nice movie to watch !! Must watch okay !! Haha.

Then, aft the movie, they ate dinner. I drank Bandung. LOL. (Idk spelled correctly anot).
Then, at around 7plus to 8, took the train back to cck, and took the warren bus.

Reached warren, (bro came).
Went to the swimming pool.
Wee ! I saw so many people today. Heehee. (Not many lah, people i've not seen for quite some time.
Brandon and Darwin!
Psst: Esp, Brandon! Ha.

Went to study room to do some maths homework. (Did not even 2 questions. -.- Thn not in the mood to do alr.. /:)
Skip skip. Shouldn't rake up unhappy things.

Had chat with Michelle, Billy and Gary(Michelle's bro).
Funny, billy keep making me laugh. Hahahahahha.

Thn michx's father came at around 10 plus to 11. (Thanks!)

Psst: Howwwwww ! Homework still alot!! Esp. Mathsssssss ! T.T
Pssst:Yay! Mommy bought me my favourite cookie and cheese cream cake from Bakazine ! Hahaahaha.
Psssst: My condolence to ... (I don't think i should type it out, i should respect.)
Cheer up people.
This quote is learnt from my mom:" Grief is one of the greatest common experiences of human beings. Amd yet sometimes, we feel so alone in our sadness..."

Tags replies :
Binny: Lol! Ty. O.o I only done "some" maths. (: 2 questions only i guess. AHhahahahhaha.
Edward: Oh isit ? Mine hillarious meh ? My english can understand easily one mah. :D Heehee.
Chunhuat: Oh. Ty! Why T.T? :(
[N]iC: Dexter is cute okayyyyy! ): <>
Meibei : Ty(:
Youheee: Linked ! (:
Jenn: Yo! Lol. Why everyone 'yo' here 'yo' there one. Lol!
slgkid: Woah! Kor !! You still dare to say!! You sms me uhs ! :(
LSCP: Woah, o.o Hi dog. LOL. Kidding also. Ty for the tag! ^^

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