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Thursday, March 12, 2009

So close yet so far..

So tired. *sleepy face*
I've done chinese holiday homework. :)
Only left, Maths, Chem, Geog.

So many things, so lil time. :(

Tmr sports day ! At least can relax abit . (for half day with no work bothering me) :S
Better bring umbrella people ! Later sure veh hot in the afternoon one. Somemore i nvr join anything, cannot sit thr and let the sun burn!! Lol.

Oh yah. For the coming holiday is not even like holiday. D:
So many classes. But nvm ! I can't brush up my basics and stuffs. Have to limit myself from computer alr !! I may have passed overall. Only SS failed. D:
But my geog got 91/100. Pulled up my combined humans score! So i passed all subjects lor.. :/

Must jiayous lah ! 228 days to MY O'S ! Few more months to prelims !! Jiayoussssss !

I think i'll stop here. Byebye.
And people ! Always believe in, What goes around, comes around ! :D

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