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Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Friday 13th. :O

Smile no matter what happens. Just like this dog !! HAHAHAHAHAHA.

It's Black friday. /:
What's more gonna come up ?
Firstly, i lost my Zenstone.
Damn. :O
I think whoever who took it will have it's outcome. Someday.
Secondly, my sister kicked the ball, and this time, my brother's mouth bleed. The lips bleed badly. :O
Thirdly, today after sports day went Lot1.
Idk why suddenly had small quarrels with my "close friends"
Paiseh ehs. D: Must be me in a bad mood because i lost my zenstone. :( (I hope they sees this!!)
But overall, today during sports day was quite happy alr. :D
Ty friends. xoxo. <3

What the hell is today going on.
Whatever, it's gonna end in 5 hours plus time.
Quick . Quick . I want it to end it soon.
No more bad things.
I'm not so supertitious actually. But after today. I really believed. O.O
I hate today. lol. Sounds stupid. :P

I want to go Warren and do homework with Michelle. But how? I really scared of today liao. :/
I have a ominous feeling. o_o
Okay, w/e , See how. Bye !
Stay happy people ! No matter what happens today!
Sometime someday, something bad would happen to someone. It's life. :D

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