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Friday, March 27, 2009

Bell went kisiao.

Hey oh! Back to post. LOL.
Using lap. :D
Heehee. I love this lap, acer one.
Today school was damn tiring. Had 2.4km run. Omg omg. Lol.
But i passed. :D
Oh. Had a sort of "scolding" by Mdm Tan. (Sorry for being late ! :( )
Mdm Tan always teaches us life lessons. Thanks! (:
Thn, had maths!
Learnt Matrices! (Quite Easy ehs! HAHAHA. Cause only at addition and subtraction. :x)
Had chinese class, alot of papers given. -.- Had to keep filing. Lol. (Oh yah, that reminded me of filing up my chinese. LOL. Tmrw bah. :x)
Thr'll be mock exam for chinese !!! Sians. /:
Finished schooling at 2.15pm.
Canteen with michx. home with simin and janis. ((((((:

Played webcam w' Binny! LOL. I look totally unglam, cause my hair was messy, i still in uniform. LOL!
I can't see Binny in webcammmm. Not fair. DON'T CARE! Must play again next time. ^^

Went to warren with bro.
Finished up maths matrices in less than half hour ! (I think only 15mins likthat!~ Ahahahhaha.)
Brandon's dog (Rachel) came ! But i didn't get to touch it. D:
Brandon promised to call me to chat tmr! (I hope he rmbs. wrote it here to remind him if he reads my blog! Ah hahahaha.
Crapped, played at playground.
There were, michelle, my bro, michelle's brothers, Nick, Thad, Belle, and more. LOL.
Gtg suddenly, then crapped with them halfway go home liao.
Michx's dad fetched me home. Heehee, ty! :D
Okay, think i'll stop here. BYEBYEEEEE.

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