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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy birthday grandma!


Ytd, went to base at about 5plus. (:
Slacked, tried doing some maths.
Boss came. Late. Lol.
Saw alot of people. (Not alot actually, got new members, idk. :/)
Boss treat us ice-cream, but all crushed alr ! (>.<) Chat chat with Jerlin, slacked slacked thr. Boss aft settled everthing, went to 787 eat. Dranked milo iced. :D Ahben went home to bathe then say will go base by himself. Left Boss, Ash,Jerlin,Liling,Clement and ah huo. Took boss vehicle back to base. (: Ash,huo,and clement played chess. Lol. Thn me and jerlin "zuo bo". HAHAHHAHA. Thn till 10plus, i veh tired , abit giddy. went home by myself. :( Someone accompany me chat on phone. ty lah. Reached home, chat awhile with kunfeng and Ashley, then go sleep liao. 11plus jiu sleep ler. tired. .___. Okay, i'll stop here. Waiting for mommy to come back.
Aft lunch, going over to Aunty house.
Party again. :D
Grandma's birthday then celebrate thr. hahaha.

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