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Friday, March 13, 2009

Hehehehehhe, i ended quite nicely today !

Heeheeheeheeheehee. Just came back from warren.
Not much bad things happened. :D
Instead, good things happened !
1. Reached warren, very careful with traffic and my brother. But, someone actually offered to bring us up to warren! So nice right. One uncle. :)
2. Saw michelle, isabelle, nick, gary, thaddeus, dexter ! ahhahahahha. Dexter so cuteeeeee ! :D My lil boyf. Lol!
3. Done some homework ! At least some. :D Heehee.
4. Michelle mother came early today ! So my as my wish came true, went to base aft michelle's mom fetched me home. HAHAHAHAHHAHA.
5.Saw zhenhao, suer and huat. (SO MANY NEW MEMBERS OF WALLS NOW LEH. O.O) LOL.
But one bad thing !
I didn't see ashley and ahben came back, idk! :(
So bad right! That Ashley nvr jio me ! HAHA. Kidding. :D

Wth! I didn't get to see you. :( I miss you much.

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