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Thursday, March 19, 2009


Oh my godzxzxzx.
Life's a bore.
Someone quoted :"If you're bored, you're wasting time."
But really bored what.
Was napping from 1pm to 5pm just now. Lol.

Went for POA class today. :(
Late. :x
Supposed to reach at 9am.
Instead, I woke up a 9am. :O
Last night went to msia to have dinner. Lol.
Then reached home at about 11plus.
Slept at 1am i think ? Ha.

Oh oh, yah hor.
Before the dinner at msia.
I was with Euroy.
I finished chinese class.
Met him up at mac.
And he brought his iMac, then was using it. :D (Very noob to his lap you know!! Keep getting laughed at by him! ): < )
The keyboard of his lap so coollllllll. hhahahaahaha.
Thn, Jerlin came along.
Followed by Huat and his friend, thn Alas .
Thn went to the building beside lot one, to meet Lk.
Lk came late as she went for a haircut.
Thn crapped, laughed,
Mathew came.
Thn they we went separate ways. :)

The day before, went to base. (:
Done "some" homework. Thanks to Euroy, Danhui and Clement ? I guess.
My mommy came to fetch me at 10:30pm plus. :D
(LOL. Stupid Euroy keep making fun of me that mommy coming to fetch me, mommy don't let me go. blah blah blah. LOL. Psst : I'm not mommy girl okay! I merely wanted to be a good girl. :D)

Today's base at West coast!
Wanted to go base today one.. but so far. /:
Thn now rotting at home. T.T

Oh. Further updates..
Not sure yet. Ha.
Lk invited me to her Birthday BBQ which is on the sat, at Teck whye. (:
(Not sure going yet.. /:)
Tmr, maybe going to Warren.
Yeah.. gtg, byebye!

Psst : Prelims are coming !! In April. T.T

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