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Friday, May 15, 2009

Just my thoughts.

Gosh. School today again.
It's suppose to be Marking day for our school lor!
But Chinese O levels are coming, so teacher had to be 'kiasu' abit, give us MT Intensive earlier than any other sec 4s.. zzz. So tired you know!

Supposed to meet up Limin and Sharlene today one lor. eee-diot.
P/s: But partly is i lazy go all the way to Bugis myself luh. :S
Nobody accompanied me either! :(
But i really miss Limin and Sharlene alot lah.
I miss the siao zharbos. Lol.

Now i have work to do..
Chinese 'da gang' , sound easy work, but i have 8 'da gang's to do alright!
Not easy work! T^T
Have to do it later.. Sian.

Sad for me! (Maybe for most of the people?)
MYE Papers will be given back next week! :(
I don't look forward to monday..
I dread something bad would happen..
Because i know what my results would be like this time. )':

But aft all the paper checking, it's time for MT INTENSIVE.
Hmm.. I don't know if there's such programme in other schools?
But i do have it in my school.

Okay.. It's basically to concentrate Mother Tougue, (Obvious right.)
thn, we'll have to go back to school everyday during the SHORT MAY HOLIDAY.
(That's really pathetic.. Holidays also eaten by school..)
But oh well,It's Sec 4 what. Face it!

Because after O's Levels, we have like almost half a year w/o touching books, and we can go out whenever we want, no homeworks, blah blah blah! (Whatever you like~) Lol.

So.. Hard work now, neverrrrrrmindddddddd. :D
Because i can now imagine how thrilled i'll be after O's.
But i must work my hardest lah! So i won't to dwell on it after the papers. (For my O's)
I don't want to end up like how keep dwelling on my MYE! *CHOY CHOY!*

Okay, Hard work dudes and babes. 加油 alright people!
所谓“一分耕耘,一分收获!”加油啦 亲爱的朋友们! :D

Love you guys. :P

Lol.. Next part!

Seriously i need work to distract from thinking so much! Tsk. Hate myself.

I was thinking..
should we not have gotten tgt at the first place? /:
because i felt as if you were playing with my feelings all the time..

after you told me in that sms..
it sounded as if you've never loved me with your heart at all..

you'll never know how deep you hurt me in the past..

TSKKKKKK. Shut up, See-to Yuting. Stop thinking so much you eee-diot. -_-
(That's all in the past so stop thinking about it! -.-)
I think i've said all these stupid things like 2235252324543521222423557875 times lor.
Lol. Dumb dumb stubborn me.
Things change, silly girl, silly me! Heehee.
*Psst: Aiyah, i think i also don't care past ler lor.. (maybe?) because all i need is ___ now. ):*HEEHEE,SHH.>

Like i always say ..
Let bygones be bygones..
:D Cheers to meeeeee x1232315576435231424345435436567631! LOL.

Psstttttttt! : Whatthehell lor. I so 'lucky'. I was one of the chosen ones to go back for Chinese remedial. zzz. Most of my classmates do not need it you know! T.T

Tired.. I'm.. REALLYYYYYYYYY.. tired.. :(
*Just being aggressive by using the colour RED.*

Pssssst: Just all my thoughts here~ sorry if i offended anyone. lol. heh. :)

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