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Thursday, May 14, 2009


MYE's finally over man.
Chill out time ~_~
Oh nono, I still have Mother Toughe Chinese O Level in about..
19 DAYS !! (Including today!) Oh my gawd.
That's like, so fast lah! T^T *Busy yearrrrr*

Okay, Exam for today was F&N and SCI Paper 1. (Chem/Bio) , Heehee. Last papers.
F&N was okay.. I think? :S, Science paper.. Idk. :S!
Okay forget it, w/e it is, MYE IS FINALLY OVER! ._.

I think i can blog photos alr! For 1st may'09 , Labour day, Science centre outing for my birthday outing in advance!
I did enjoy myself okay!
Science centre sounds boring to you guys, BUT NOT FOR ME!!
(That's because i have great friends around with me. :D)

Okay, before any pictures, i would like to thank people who wished me happy birthday.
(Sorry if i missed anyone out! Do tag me to tell me alright! :D)
Grandma, daddy, mommy, siwen, junwei, roushan, gong gong, Boonchuan, Binbin, Geraldine, Simin, Jenny, Xingyu, Huat, Euroy, Fanny jiejie, Brandon, Janice Tan, Youhe, Eric chen, David, Jerlin, Isabel, Ain, Shah, Theodora, Michx, Ziwei, DSCT, Jack, Darwin, Slit my heart from fs, Andy from fs, Sharlene! HAHHAHAHAHHAAHAH.
think that's all? Idk. LOL.
Pictures timeeeeee~
Credits to :
-Binbin's camera and some photos taken by her.
-Yuting took some photos also.
-Those 'angmoh' who helped up take photos.
-Friends in the photo : Because they were willing to take photos! Heehee !
Nice right! First photo! Heh. :D
~ Guys photos ~
Hahaha. We were playing w' this mozaic camera, and i think this was a candid shot of Afiq. HAHAHA.
The mirrors were pretty with the lightings, so we took group photos!
Heh. Confusing mirrors. I remember i banged into something in this place. :S And Eric chen laugh at me i think !! LOL.
HI Jenny, Afiq and Eric chen! LOL. Eric chen was calling Isaac Lim .
Fattah Razaaq was trying to copy the glass shape behind.. Idk how to say! :S
Jenny and me !
LOL. Jenny ah~
Eric chua 'emo'. Binbin took this one. Lol.
Candid? LOL. Idk.

Yay! Took again, because Isaac reached alr. Lol.
We forced Isaac to sit on this "electric shocker chair" Because he was late. :S

One phrase for this :" His pain, our joy." :X ! But quite poor thing luh, he got shocked. :/
Binbin hitting the strength thingy. lol.

Look at Afiq. Haha. They were in this greenhouse room. Quite warm in there.
Yay! Another group photo. Haha. Nicenice.

Erm, Binbin took this.

Fattah "Faster, faster take photo!" LOL. He rushed me to take photo because the thingy he was pressing was nails. Many many sharp, NAILS. Pain you know. But i think all at once, not that painful. (:
Chicks! They were born on 1st may'09. Cute right! So weak, and little, and small. {:
They trying to act emo. But David really looks emo! Doesn't seem to be acting. Lol.
Acting formal. Lol. Funny right they all. Haha.

They were trying to get in something that looked like a house for chickens. Idk how say leh. LOL. But kids were playing one lor, but when they tried to enter, most of the kids ranaway. LOL.
Look at them, young at heart. Lol.

Haha. Can't really who is who. But most of them were in there. The guys only.

Eww, gross! Binny took this.

This too. :S *Puke* I Jenny!

Then, we went to play with the head on the table. It really looks scary if you look from far. Like you can only see the head. Lol.

Look at Hafies!
Fattah Razaaq!

Eric Chua!
Eric Chen!
Binny took this. Like.. so nice right.

Thn, everyone was hungry! We walked half a day without eating.. so all were starving.

So we all went to the mcdonalds' at science centre..

Pictures !~~

Jenny! Why the uncle behind like extra?.. Lol.
I'm trying to take photo of Zul fattah, But he moved away!

HA! Caught ya!Isaac Lim! Beside is David!

Isaac looks really hungry.. Lol. David and z.fattah also in the photo.

Fattah Razaaq is thirsty! :s
Afiq's really starving! Look how happy he is. Haha.
Left to right: Isaa, david, z.fattah, eric chen.
Thn.. We went back to cck.
Wanted to catch X-men.. I didn't ite. Mommy asked me to buy parsley. She's waiting for me at home so.. yah.. didn't catch it.

Played DDR, Cubic game. Etc, walked around.

Photos taken in the toilet. Haha.
Thn, on my birthday itself, i had dinner with family and friends @ Sakura near Jurong area.

*Twist!* Sister took this for me!
Actually take normally one! Suddenly the Sun shined, thn i covered my eyes! LOL. -_-

The sun so bright okay! I coved my eyes while taking this shot.
I know i look dumb in geek specs. LOL. Wearing geek specs is suppose to be dumb. Sister borrow me one. Lol.
Jump shot taken by brother. :D LOL. First time take jump shot. Idk how to jump properly lahhhh.
Yuting and Junwei!
Yuting and Junwei!
Acting to walk in. Lol.

Actually, i still have my brother's jump shot and cute photos. But i'm lazy to plug my thumbdrive in, So forget it! LOL.

Bye! Tired alr. (:
Psst: Tmr is marking day! Meeting Limin up i think. (:
Pass her things she bought from my sister's blogshop.
Also, to catch up with her. (Long time nvr see her and sharlene alr!!) MISSES!!

*(Haven't ask mommy, hope i can go!!)*

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