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Monday, May 11, 2009

So many things to post about.

This is definitely the most tiring year i ever had.
PSLE also not so tiring.
Procrastinate all the time, due to laziness. (Because i'm tired!!)
No time to blog also.
Birthday outing photos on 1st may'09, that, i'll post real soon kae. After exams.
Last friday, 8th may'09, went to watch 17 again w' Eric chen, Isaac and binbin.
Zac Efron's damn hot.

Bored!~ Have to chiong mt aft mye. T^T

Note to self :
Must not be lazy. Don't procrastinate!! LOL.

Papers to go..
12th may - Chem and emaths paper 2 (Haven't study!) -_-
13th may - Biology paper.
14th may - Fnn and bio/chem paper 1.
Finally. End of mye.
I think my results would come out disappointing. ):


\T^T/ << Surrender.

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