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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Moodless day.

Whatthehell lor.
Idk why i'm feeling kinda depressed and sad.
Okay, firstly.
I totally flunked my Emaths paper 2.
I left 3 whole questions blank!
Look carefully what i've typed,
Didn't mention : "left SOME PARTS ONLY."
See the difference ??? -_-
I want to kill myself lah, whenever i dwell on that.. zzz.
Not enough time as i spent too much time on first few questions. EEE-DIOT !
Time management !! Must always remember !! zzz.

Secondly, Chem paper3 was okay okay.
Read carefully : okay okay ONLY! ZZZ.
Blame me for being lazy for the past few days.
I had 3 whole days! excluding friday lah. But i didn't spent it properly! Laziness !! ZZZ.

I'm very angry with myself !! zz.

Okay, lastly i think i better not mention about it. -___-

I hope all the old grandmas have good homes to live in and live well.
I feel depressed and sad whenever i see old grandmas.. Sitting or walking by the streets selling things.. Like.. "ke lian ke lian" like that..
I don't know how to express that kind of feeling..
Just.. Upset. D:
Helped them whenever i can.. but.. On the financial side.. I can't do anything.. Because me, myself is broke. :(
When i grow up, earn much money, i'll help old folk's home and help the elderly in the country!

(I sound so weird. Sad over old grandmas that i don't even know!)
Maybe because i was brought up by my grandma.
To say the truth, i'm closer to my grandmother (Father side), thn my parents.
Funny right. -_- LOL.
But sometimes grandma's a LITTLE bit "hai zi qi" (Chinese).
But i still love her. :D :D :D

I love grandma! (Father's side one ah.) :S
:P Don't want tell you'll why i keep emphasizing father's side. :PP
Byebye loves!

P/s: At night going to study for Biology. And IF i can, Fnn also lor. (But i don't think it's possible. lol.)

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